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Our Organic Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Artisan, Premium Quality and from a Single Estate - specially selected to bring you the true taste of Real Olive Oil - made with 100% Koroneiki olives, all hand-picked and cold pressed within hours to produce a remarkably intensely flavoured zesty oil with a super - fresh lemony aroma and fruity flavour.

Unlike most Olive Oils available in the UK, Hamalakis has very low acidity, less than 0.3% acidity and has been made using only Olives from organic groves in Southern Crete.

Adds superb flavour to your food and enhances your experience, reduces your cholesterol, good for your heart, full of natural antioxidants, this high quality oil is very rich in poly-phenols, Vitamin E, Vitamin K -  important vitamin for preventing blood clotting and building strong, healthy bones.

We work in close partnership and for many years with this incredible producer and have selected for you the Best Olive Oil Crete has to offer.  Available in individual varied types of packaging - glass bottles or Metal Tins, as well as in Bulk Packs of 5L suitable for decanting. Very competitive prices direct from the producer.