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Hamalakis Olive Oil

High quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our family-owned company operates to the highest production standards and our company promotes our products throughout Greece and internationally. We are experienced olive oil producers with over 25 years in the field.

Hamalakis olive oil is produced from first-class, fresh and healthy olives collected directly from the trees. The entire production cycle and all stages, from harvesting and milling to bottling, are carried out at the company's premises that meet the highest quality requirements and are regularly certified by the organic certification service.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and knowing just the right time to harvest, our production systems are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality possible with efficient and consistent production processes, enhancing the natural properties of our olives in environmentally friendly conditions.

We do not use plastic tubes and the cans are made of non-oxidized metal. Also, during the disposal of acidic olive waste, we maintain ecological standards, which means that the waste that comes out is biodegradable.

Our greatest strength is the international reputation of high quality Cretan olive oil in taste, but also with the most health benefits of any other Olive Oil worldwide. It is selected from the Korean olive tree, whose olives are scientifically proven to contain countless beneficial health ingredients that help ensure a quality life for anyone who consumes them.

  • Rich in .. Health

  • Distinctive .. taste

  • 100% .. Cretan

  • In the companyHamalakis we produce superior organic & extra virgin olive oil, a major ingredient of the mediterranean diet, with its beneficial properties now confirmed by modern scientific research.